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It's a Spider's World 

We strive in offering the largest and best selection of high quality, beautiful, Pet Jumping Spiders as well as having the best prices. We also handle wholesale needs, retail, and post many rare types of Jumpers for sale.




***All orders placed for the week up till Sunday night will be shipped out the following Monday unless there's a major Holiday. Everything is shipped via Fedex 2nd day delivery for $40 or $70 for overnight next day delivery. On Sundays before shipping you will receive a tracking link to your Email.

***Live arrival guarantee. If you have any concerns we must be notified within 24 hours to troubleshoot. This includes hatched sacs, verify the babies are still alive and afterwards other factors will influence your success. If anything arrives not in good health then we will ship a full replacement free. For gravids those are females that have been paired. If everything goes right then you will have your own clutch. Other factors can effect this however and doesn't necessarily mean it's 100 percent. The male might not have been successful, handling/stress can cause complications, overfed, improper care, ect. If you have issues we will handle those individually case by case.

***During checkout there's notes you can add in case you want an address change, different arrival date, preferences on jumpers you ordered, ect.

***Pics of spiders are taken under bright white LED lighting and zoomed in so that you can have a better look at the true appearance. All spiders will look darker in regular indoor lighting, this doesn't mean you received the wrong jumper. White and gray hairs especially have to be seen at certain angles and lighting. The natural dark markings can overwhelm the light shades very easily. Your eyes from a distance, indoor lighting, and the spiders being small in size will not look accurate unless viewed under good full sun or LED lighting.

***All Regal jumping spiders can change markings and colors after molts, no way to guarantee ending looks this applies to whites as well. They still will carry the genes for the color lines they're labeled under. Many whites will appear pink or peach temporarily after molts. Some changes are up to a couple weeks and some might be permanent till next molt.

***Every Friday we post any rare or unique jumpers with individual pics and prices. If suscribed you will get Email notifications the moment there's anything new up or specials going on this includes any whites. Rare jumpers are in high demand worldwide. You must check on Fridays if you're looking for what rare types are available.

***Juveniles are best to be purchased as pets, adults don't live long. Juveniles will be instar 6, 7, or 8.

***Regardless of hatch dates or ages, jumpers can have a huge difference in sizes and speed of growth. Offspring from the same clutches can be many sizes different from eachother even early on. 

***Regardless of how the mother looks, clutches can have Offspring that come out different colors from eachother and from the mothers. Generally most will fall under a similar color and look to their lines and localities but this does not always apply with all species especially Regals. Visual high whites are graded to having a large amount of white as they currently appear. High White lines will and can produce different white type offspring but doesn't mean you'll get many this is why they are rare. Young jumpers can go through many changes in appearance and colors as they grow.

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Welcome to it's a spiders world 

Top quality spider Breeder

 We raise exceptional spiders in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our spiders healthy and happy for when they find their new homes. All our spiders here are captive bred. Our number one seller are Regal jumping spiders as they make a great choice for a pet.

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Thanks for your interest in It's a Spider's World. For more information, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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