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Canopy Juvenile instar 6 jumping spiders!! "Rare Florida lines!!" (Category)

Canopy Juvenile instar 6 jumping spiders!! "Rare Florida lines!!" (Category)

These are young instar 6 Canopy jumping spiders. Known to make some of the most amazing pets as they are extremely out going and friendly, very easy to hold.

Pics show what they currently look like and examples of some of the parents. Juveniles will be picked and shipped randomly unsexed. Gender cannot be determined till at much older ages with this species.

They will start adding more color through future molts. Currently eating larger fruit flys Hydei. Keep in mind they will appear smaller in size compared to Regal jumping spiders of similar age. Each individual juvenile can end up different colors later on from whites, yellows, oranges and black.

Need to more on the humid side with light daily fine mists of water, temps ranging from 74 to 84 are appropriate. Tap in fruit flys every 2 days or often enough that there are always a few alive inside at all times.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own one of these highly desired, rarely available species!!!

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